Amazon Product Entry

Amazon is among the most significant and prominent online retailing brands and is responsible for generating a whopping one-third of United States’ e-Commerce sales. The prominence of this firm is to such an extent that all the other leading business firms make their profit by solely utilising the resources of Amazon. If you are looking for a rapid growth in your business, then our Amazon Listing Service is willing to cater all your needs. We, at Product Entry India, take care of your requirements to upload and list all the desired products in a vivid manner.

Our experienced professionals are able to do the labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks in a hassle-free way. We ably manage processes that you would otherwise outsource, such as product upload in singular or bulk volume, inventory management, data entry and image editing. Our professional Amazon Product Uploading and Listing Service is beneficial in concentrating on your core subjects while we manage all the base work for you. We have a wide variety of services and following are the major solutions in reference to product listing and uploading on Amazon:

  • Amazon Product Listing and Uploading Services: We take precise measures in uploading and entering the description of each of your products in the most simplified manner possible. All the products are described appropriately and then classified into their specifications, such as product ID, data description, product tag, SKU, title and other necessary categories.
  • Amazon Catalog Management Services: We make sure that each product is assigned into its right category and all its attributes are managed properly.
  • Amazon Upload Services: As per your needs and requirements, we ably handle and upload the products either singularly or in bulk volumes.
  • Amazon Product Feeds: After analysing each of your products, we assign the variation or parent/child relationships for each. We make use of the Variation Theme entity to enlist and categories the main products as parent. We then describe how the child SKU varies from it according to the size, shape, colour and other attributes.
  • Amazon Inventory Management Services: Inventory Management is among the vital concepts for any business involved in online retailing. We ensure that the description of products available in your stock is listed on the website. We also maintain the re-stock dates of the products about to be completed so that you can manage and calculate the shipping time required for those items.
  • Product Image Editing Services: We, at Product Entry India understand the need of having a product images on the websites. The images directly have a visual impact on the audiences and gradually help in gaining their attention.
  • We make sure that all the product images are re-sized and arranged to their appropriate pixels so that they offer a clear view to the users.
  • We take care of all the aspects of product image editing right from its background to color composition, right size, appropriate quality, cropping and zooming.
  • In doing so, we also make sure to comply with the basic guidelines given by Amazon for product image listing.