Product Entry India Services

In the current generation of advancement, almost every business or enterprise is considerably dependent on internet for its growth. The modern users are more internet-active and strive to find solutions to their several queries at various portals available. Product Entry India aims at helping the budding and established organisations by managing their online stores. We share a fair amount of experience in providing our elite services to few renowned brands in the online retailing business. Our objective is to provide cost-effective services to the clients without compromising on the quality of work.

Over the years, internet seems to have blessed people all around the world with an on-stop solution to any problem. With the ease of accessibility, this tool has gradually transformed into a major weapon for all businesses to expand and witness seamless growth. E-business is the new way and a better alternative to publicise and sell products to an expansive range of customers around the world. Selling products online has made life easy and untangled for a number of retailers across the globe. Success stories of eminent enterprises in this field, such as eBay and Amazon depict a similar story. E-business has now become part of the urban lifestyle of almost all people living around the globe.

The recent time has also perceived a drastic rate of recession in almost all the business fields, including online retailing. In such a time, many retailers seek to employ methods, which are beneficial for their growth and at the same time are profitable. One of the most common and easiest solutions for this issue is outsourcing the e-business or e-commerce through a third party. The numerable processes of Data Entry, Product Entry, Online Store Maintenance and Data Upload are tactically handled by theses third party. ProductEntry India is one such organisation, which ensures to provide productive and reasonable services for all online retailing tasks.

Our esteemed services are far-reaching to the activities of Catalogue Processing, Online Image and Graphic Support, Web Content Management, E-Commerce Data Entry and Online Product Entry. We have gained immense experience by utilising a variety of resources including printed or PDF catalogues, Digital Images, Manufacturer’s Portal and other trade sources. We aim at expansion and show willingness in working with standard e-business webshops or storefronts, such as Yahoo, MonsterCommerce, Volusion, OsCommerce, Magento, NetSuite and other custom-built applications. We always attempt to create stability between the quality of work, time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of services provided by us. Our range of e-business services include:

  • Catalogue Building: Successful conversion of paper catalogues into digitalised content to give it an online publicity.
  • Catalogue Indexing: Classifying products accurately according to their genres and creating their categories as well as sub-categories. Indexing the catalogues either in an alphabetical order or as per the client’s request.
  • Graphic Support: Processing of images by cleaning or adding watermark, changing the size of images, normal and zoom view, and complying with the conventional file naming for images.
  • Online Store Maintenance: Dealing with the tasks of catalogue updating, such as title, description, quantity, quality, images, standards, SKUs, price, name, MGUs and shipping.
  • Content and SEO Support: Adding the description to the products in such a way that the entire page becomes SEO-friendly.